This page provides information on and links to, Charitable Trusts that operate within our parish 

Stratford St Mary Community Trust

The Stratford St Mary Community Trust is a small charitable organization, registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, operating entirely within the parish of Stratford St Mary,

The trust's registered objectives are:

to assist persons resident in the parish of Stratford St Mary to participate in and enjoy the benefits of, their community, particu;arly through:

provision of relief in conditions of need, hardship or distress;

financial support for attendance at or engagement with, educational establishments;

assistance in accessing new or alternative, employment.

For anyone resident in the parish who finds themselves temporarily disadvantaged as a result of ill health, or unexpectedly adverse circumstances, it may be that the trust can make funds available sufficient to assist them through difficult times.

The governing principles of the trust restrict the purpose of such grants to those that can reasonably be included under the objectives above and also require that they be for a specific purpose and not for general expenditure.

However, within these rules, the trustees will seek to be inclusive and therefore are pleased to invite any resident needing assistance to make their circumstances known to the trust, for consideration.

The trust has a direct e-mail address, , which can be used to bring situations where assistance might be required to the trustees' attention or for general communication with the trust. All information passed to the trust will be treated in the strictest confidence.