Either directly or by links to external sites, this web page provides information on the various conservation, biodiversity and wildlife issues that are deemed to be of relevance to our Parish at this particular time.

The subjects included are, invitably, those that have come to the attention of councillors but we recogise that there may well be many others that are equally deserving of inclusion.

Your recommendations for such additional topics will be welcomed, please contact the Data Manager with a brief summary of your proposed addition.




Did you know that we have Hedgehogs on our streets?

If you are interested in fitting a hedgehog gateway you can obtain it from Norman at 12 Swaynes  FOC,

If you have more than one fence, you will need more than one gate.
The image
(here) is approximately full size

Please help to make a Hedgehog highway throughout the village

Learn more about helping hedgehogs




 Trees are important to our community