Planning is underway to bring ultrafast, full-fibre broadband to the Parish and this page has been introduced to provide residents with ongoing information about this development.

Your Parish Council is wholly supportive of this initiative in principle but will not be expressing any preference as to service provider. 

 Please check in with the page periodically to keep up to date with progress.  


Supplier Option 1:

County Broadband Limited.

The construction of this network requires significant investment from County Broadband and they are currently establishing whether there is enough demand in our community to justify the installation of this future-ready service. They apparently need to reach a target uptake of 28% to permit them to commence detailed planning.

An announcement as to any decision on whether or not they will be able to proceed is stll awaited.


Please see:  Latest News - Fibre Broadband In East Anglia | County Broadband.

Supplier Option 2:


Gigaclear are planning to install a fibre optic network to bring Ultrafast broadband capability to Stratford St Mary. They have shared their plans with the council, and we will be sharing progress updates, which they be sending on a regular basis, with you all.

Gigaclear are in the final stages of initial preparation for this project and they have previously written to residents to set out what can be expected in the conming months.

The Parish Council has received assurances from Gigaclear that this installation will now go ahead irrespective of the level of servce taike-up. 

Gigaclear have stressed that if any resident has any enquires around the network rollout they should contact the network build team on the details below, rather than approach the Parish Council.

They also advise signing up on the website for build updates which will then be emailed directly to you.

Contact detaiis

0370 774 0537

Please also see:


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