Recent Incidence of flooding on Strickmere


Concerns regarding this problem were registered at the time of the flooding, with Suffolk Highways, The Environment Agency and Anglian Water.

The response below was received from the Community Engineer at Suffolk Highways and updates on progress will be added as they become available (please view here). Please check back with this page for further information.



Suffolk Highways are aware of the flooding issue in Strickmere, Stratford St Mary and the Community Engineer has made a site visit.

Suffolk Highways are responsible for the road drains and their connection into the main surface water drainage system, which is the responsibility of Anglian Water.  Suffolk Highways do not know who has informed residents that it is the Environment Agency responsibility.

Anglian Water's system outfalls into The River Stour and it is suspected that the issue is the current height of the water in the river, as the water level drops on the road once the river level starts to drop.

The Community Engineer has been in contact with Anglian Water and asked that they check their piped system and also the outfall into the river.  Anglian Water have advised that they will undertake a site visit on Friday 26 March to carry out a camera survey of their drainage system.

Suffolk Highways do not believe that there is a problem with the drains that they are responsible for, as the surface water all gets away when the river level drops.  Records were checked and they were last cleaned in September 2019 and their next cyclic cleanse is due in December 2021.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 24/03/2021




Update: Friday 26th March 2021

Anglian Water attended the site of the flooding on Strickmere, as anticipated in the report above, and undertook a camera survey of their drainage system. Additional surveying will apparently be required before a full assessment can be made and the Parish Council awaits notification of a date for its undertaking.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Posted 27/03/2021