The New Duty Office Service

From the 1st February there will be both Appointment and Non-Appointment sessions available at both Needham Market and Hadleigh offices for developments with the two Districts.  You will be able to go to either location for advice on planning matters within either district

Non Appointment Slots

Available four mornings a week between 9am to 1pm on a first come, first served basis.  This will be for general householder level development, small scale development including up to single dwellings, permitted development enquiries or application checking only. 

Monday AM at Hadleigh office

Tuesday AM at Needham Mkt office

Thursday AM at Hadleigh office

Friday AM at Needham Mkt office

Appointment Slots

Available as 30 minute slots during four afternoons a week between 1pm to 4:45pm.  Longer periods are subject to availability.  This will be for minor or more complex development including single dwellings upwards, initial major enquiries and more complex developments. 

Monday PM at Hadleigh office

Tuesday PM at Hadleigh office

Wednesday PM at Needham Mkt office

Thursday PM at Needham Mkt office

 Call backs

For Hadleigh a call back system for planning enquiries is already in place and Needham Office will be developing a similar approach from the 1st February.  Requested call backs will be made the following day from when the call is received.    

Contact Us

For Hadleigh: Tel 01473 825858 or Email

For Needham: Tel 01449 724612 or Email

Don’t forget!  Heritage appointments each week with the Heritage team are also available at both offices.  Tuesday Morning at Hadleigh for the Babergh Area and Wednesday Morning at Needham Market for the Mid Suffolk Area